The Breakfast Club, 1985



You know what I just realized? Patrick killed people.
Patrick killed a lot of people.

and then things got unholy


Snoop Dogg: What people don’t know is that Tupac really kept me and my wife together. There came a point in time where I just felt like I didn’t need to be in a relationship. It was becoming a headache to me, and all these girls wanted to be with me.  I was like, “F—- that, I can have any bitch that I want.” We was flying back from Belize with a gang of the homies from Death Row. [The homies] was like, “Yeah man, f—- that bitch! My baby momma ain’t sh—.” They was tellin’ me about how their relationships were. Then Pac just was like, “Man, f—- that! That’s your son’s mother. You love her.  She’s the only one that’s gonna love you.” The sh— he was sayin’, it was real. 
It was sounding crazy comin’ from him because he didn’t have no relationship like that. For him to tell me that, the sh— really stuck in my heart. When I got home [me and my son’s mother] pieced it back together. We worked it out and eventually got married. I gave him a lot of credit for that because I didn’t have no direction. I didn’t have nobody to talk to and I was young and I didn’t really know. His advice stood out more than the negative advice did.

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